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SHORT-N-SWEET was founded in 1993, by Gail Elliott, who has been making handmade chocolates for 30 years.

It is Gail’s love of making chocolate, that transforms plain chocolate into works of art.

SHORT-N-SWEET makes chocolates for all occasions. The company’s inventory of approximately 3,000 molds insures that there will be a chocolate design to fit your needs, no matter what the event. While all of the molds cannot be displayed on this website, Gail, will personally assist you in choosing the right mold for your event. Whether the event is as grand as a Wedding, or as simple as a Birthday Party, SHORT-N-SWEET can provide colorful handmade chocolates that will help make the event a success.

Customers have commented that they thought twice about eating the beautiful hand painted chocolates, but of course, the great taste of the chocolate usually wins out. Some customers, however, have saved our chocolate centerpieces in the freezer to display at occasions, like Thanksgiving.

SHORT-N-SWEET is a family owned and operated business. Many customers think that the name was created because of Gail’s diminutive size, and the sweet disposition of her husband Matt. The real story is that while on a long vacation trip by car, which included daughter,Amy, and son, Christopher, the family was attempting to figure out what name to call the, soon to be, Chocolate Company. Dozens of names were brought up and discarded, when in a moment of genius, Christopher, blurted out that whatever the name is you need to keep it, SHORT and SWEET.

Short-N-Sweet adheres to the old adage that the customer is always right.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions. We are here to serve all of your Chocolate needs.

Gail Elliott